Alliance of Physicians Against COVID-19

Providing community support for COVID-19 PCR & Antibody Testing

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Our Mission

The human cost of this disease has been a tragedy and will continue to be for some time. The financial impact has been devastating for the economy, the community, small and large businesses, and individual families. Our mission is to identify people in the community who can get back to work and get the economy moving again in a safe and disciplined manner.

Physicians Stepping Up

For the past few weeks our doctors have been on the front lines working diligently to provide direct care for COVID patients. As the shelter in place orders continue, we realized it was vital for our providers to take a lead in testing as many of our residents as quickly as possible to prepare for the reopening of our communities.


We are launching test sites throughout the community that can provide Antibody and PCR testing with a result turn around between 24- 48 hours. Patients can check their risk online through our site and schedule an appointment to get tested. The testing will take less than 10 minutes and the patients can leave the premises once the test is complete. Our providers will read and relay the results of the test via text, phone call or tele-medicine visit. Patients that test positive for antibodies can also receive an electronic notification that they can show as documentation that they have antibodies. Patients that test negative will be provided education on how to prevent exposure.